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Mentally Prepare for Marriage Life

Mentally Prepare for Marriage Life:  HELLO  MY  NEW  LADY😀😍 I am calling you New Lady because each woman in the world who is getting married is newly born. They start with a new place, new people, etc. 

Mentally Prepare for Marriage Life
First Step for Women after marriage

The First Step for Women After Marriage

The age doesn't matter. There will be changes in life starting from body changes, habit changes, behavior changes, dream changes, growth in your career, value for self-love, etc. You will need to accept all these changes first. 


The first step after marriage is to Mentally Prepare.  After marriage, you will need to understand that you are the responsible person in your family, not your parents or your husband, only you. You will be highlighted for whatever you do after marriage. 

And your success and failure carry throughout your family and your In-Laws. In particular, the pros and cons of downfall remember it will affect the whole family.


Before marriage, your dreams, wishes, and needs were respected and supported by your parents, but here the game-changer is your Husband and In-Laws. 


For example, if you want to do higher studies, you should ask your husband first and you should have knowledge about his financial status. Also, he should be financially strong to support his career. But, even though your parents can help, it will make your husband disrespectful. So don't do that anytime, wait for your husband's response.


Likewise, things will differ from your born home to your law house.

Each woman in the world is facing this. Some are managing it well. I am here to help you with the managing style of women who are doing great in their marriage life.

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