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In an earlier post, I discussed how to build a positive relationship with your daughter-in-law before meeting her. The next part of the previous post is here.

Here, I am going to discuss "how do you deal with a disrespectful daughter-in-law?"

Disrespectful Daughter-in-law Problems:

Deal with a Disrespectful Daughter-in-law
Deal with a Disrespectful Daughter-in-law

What kind of daughter-in-law could be disrespectful?

  • A woman who expects to live privately with her husband but lives in a joint family will behave disrespectfully. Because she won't feel comfortable around everyone. Only when she is with her favorite person does she feel truly happy. The majority of these kinds of women aren't interested in spending time with elders. 
  • Although she grew up in her mother's house with complete freedom, she behaves disrespectfully at her inlaw's house because she expects the same freedom from her inlaws. 
  • She will be disrespectful if she cares more about the carrier than the family. 
  • In her inlaw's house, women who want to make their own decisions will be more disrespectful. When it comes to making decisions, this kind of woman only wants to share them with her husband and her own mother. 
  • Is it possible for the mother-in-law to understand all the root causes?
Definitely Yes!

Deal with a Disrespectful Daughter-in-law

Because the mother-in-law is an elder, she can also predict that her daughter-in-law will act disrespectfully if she analyses all these background details. 
                               After she has analyzed, she should not interfere with the decisions she makes or gives her housework, etc. But once she knows about her daughter-in-law, if she does the opposite, she will surely behave badly. This is the main cause of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law issues. 

How do you deal with a disrespectful daughter-in-law?

  • It is important to understand what she wants in terms of freedom, respect, or love. 
  • Try to meet her needs once you know what they are. 
  • Even if you don't like what she does, be affectionate with her. If you don't want to move friendly, at least act normal.  
  • It's not a good idea to keep all the things in your mind and blast them in one day. Try asking her with patients or talking to your son if you cannot tolerate it.  
  • In case you are sick, try to stay away from your disrespectful daughter-in-law and focus on your health instead. Your son needs you more than she does. 
  • Ask her once or twice if she cannot do housework or does not like cooking, then leave it. It will become a problem if you complain to your son about this. 
  • You can use all these tips to handle your daughter-in-law. Try to be patient since she is experiencing everything new after marriage and needs time to adjust.
A problem between you and her will affect your son and his job more. It is rare for a woman to be respectful despite all these circumstances. 
                                        But in this case, as she grows older, she will also be able to understand life and respect her husband's family as you did during your period. It's not about tolerance, it's about respect. With "ZERO" expectations, you can just respect and love her. This will be a gift for the whole family.