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Women's Life After Marriage

Women's Life Struggles:

Before knowing about Women's life after marriage, we should know how women are struggling with the marriage race. 

When women want to do anything, it may be doing college projects, searching for a job, going out with friends, or planning to watch a movie; they never think about cooking, or other house works.

But, after marriage, when they want to do anything or to continue something, they start thinking about preparing breakfast, lunch, coffee time, dinner, ironing, dish washing, drying clothes, etc. They only concentrate on what others need.

Women's life after marriage
Women's Life After Marriage

This sounds bad. Really bad. Keys to a successful marriage help women understand how to spend time for family and career.

Women's Needs After Marriage

Women have all the rights in the world but are treated only to do housework. Why can't we change this? The change should start with women themselves.

Women should find a way to make time for themselves but need support from their husbands, especially their mother-in-law, after marriage.

They should talk to their husband and mother-in-law about their interests and career plans. Her mother-in-law had to support and motivate her if they had any plans. Alternatively, they can tell you, "You plan for yourself, and I'll handle the home and children." As a result, a woman will feel confident before taking any action.

Women, please stop being so hesitant. Start by being bold. Don't be afraid of anyone in the world, then what's so scary about your mother-in-law??? They are the elders. Don't be controlled by them, but respect them. This is the only thing that needs to be maintained.

And there are some ways to find peace before starting anything new. It will give you an idea of how to plan for self-love and self-enjoyment. In the next post, we'll talk more about this!

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