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Think about this question: is self-care for women after marriage necessary?

Answer from 95% of women: "Yes! But how?" 

Why is self-care important?

Yes! Self-Care for Women after marriage is essential, and they don't have time for self-love because they only have time for loving their husbands, children, and In-Laws. 

Why is it so?? Is that right to take complete responsibility for all of them?? 

I say never.

I start from In-Laws. They are elders, I agree, but you need not take complete responsibility. Don't hesitate to ask for help. They can go to the kitchen and can have a cup of coffee. In the meanwhile, they can also serve a cup for you and for others too. That's not wrong.

Self-Care for Women after marriage
Self-Care for Women after marriage

They can also sit and arrange their own clothes, these works won't make much body pain. It will make them little moves or responsibilities, or they can do it to avoid getting so bored. Sometimes, your in-law can also cook for you when you cannot do it. 

And, when your children come from school, tell them to remove their shoes, wash their hands, and arrange their bags on the shelf. And you should train them to do this as a daily routine. 

When your husband arrives from the office, train them as you did for your child. Let them rest, and you can serve him healthy fruits or juice. 

But, you should spend time talking at most minuscule for 5-10mins to your husband and child about the day they have gone through.

I hope that now you have got some idea. You should take this idea and apply it while planning for something you wish. When all these things happen, you can save at least 1-hour total time from a day.  

I am happy that most succeeding women manage their marriage life this way. 

I hope you like it; please comment on your queries below.