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Nuclear family or Joint Family

Modern Version of Marriage life

Nuclear Family or Joint Family
Joint Family
Nuclear Family or Joint Family
Nuclear Family


A nuclear family or Joint Family is the modern version of Marriage life. It's a discussion about spending more time alone with her husband. Whether it's an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the trend is living in a Nuclear family home. It is far better than in a joint family.  

         "கூடி வாழ்ந்தால் கோடி நன்மை"

Here is the meaning of the above quote. There is a feeling of security when surrounded by other people. In case of an emergency, anyone may be able to assist.

The above quote is appropriate only when a person feels insecure. 

However, I think this won't work for married couples because women expect to be alone with their husbands more than men. Also, In a joint family, a woman has to put her expectations in the hands of more than one person. As a result of caring for her, the housemates will give all their opinion on a simple decision she makes. It won't help her grow. As a result, she will be tied.

 What is better Nuclear family or Joint Family?

Planning before marriage will be a better option. When a woman is attracted to a guy, after a few days, she can talk to him about living alone, applying for a job, continuing her career, etc. 

Couples should think practically. A couple can stay alone and carry their family over long distances to avoid all these problems. But they should be present for their family when the need arises. Therefore, the relationship will be healthy, and the couple and their family will experience a peaceful existence.

In-laws can support their children's decision to live alone. This kind of support will help a couple to be happy. If they are not supportive, the man can convince them that this will bring peace to the family.

Women can have a job before marriage. Thus, they won't have to look for a job after marriage. Also, they can hire a personal servant to keep the house clean to save time for official duties.

Other suggestions

Women are allowed to dress accordingly. Despite being modern, there may be restrictions after marriage. What are the benefits of changing? Although you are allowed to remain modern after marriage, you can vary it depending on your in-laws, like wearing kurtas in front of them. 

Women can cook to their comfort at their in-law's houses. If the taste of food is not comfortable in the in-law's house, they can cook according to their wish. It could be the discomfort room or anything else they can change if they can.

It is prudent for them not to stay with their in-laws if they are uncomfortable. But, once they feel uncomfortable, they should leave as they will feel uncomfortable and react badly towards their in-laws as soon as possible. This should be done secretly to avoid hurting them, such as revealing only to her husband.


The option of a joint family can be yours if you are comfortable living with others if you are willing to give up your career, and if you are not, you are more likely to have more privacy. 

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