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Keys to a Successful Marriage Life

Keys to a Successful Marriage Life begins when both husbands support each other. Women will dream of getting married to the person who helps them financially and their careers. Only a few men worldwide support women's education fees, employment, and jobs. But this blog is for men who are not doing it.

Keys to a Successful marriage Life
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Keys to a Successful marriage life
Ways to Love Your Husband

Ways to Love Your Husband:

I will talk about not only men's support for women but women also have the responsibility to support men. It may be financial support or moral support. 

These ways to love your husband will surely help you move better.                                                                                                                            
Here, women can expect men to have more financial support than her because women should take care of the house, clean, and listen to elders and children. This sounds old, but this is completely practical. Women are better at taking care of others than men. Men have less knowledge about how to take care of and meet expectations than women. However, men are better able to handle strangers than women. 

Hence both can support each with what suits whom.

So it's a better way that the woman can take responsibility for the house and for men can do financial support.

But in some cases, In-laws will make trouble to have a baby. In that scenario, women should be bold if she wants to go out and earn. Women can explain to their mother-in-law how much she loves to go out for a job. She can show her interest and confidence in her spouse's family. 


       1. Support spouse's family and try to handle them: The most significant task in each woman's life is managing their spouse's family. 

       2. Be bold enough. Be brave to tell your decision. But at the same time, be patient; I can understand that before marriage, women were deciding for their own survival, but after marriage, if women choose anything or plan, they must get permission from their spouse and his family. I regret this. You need not do that. It's your life, you can only discuss it, but the choice should be yours. Finally, your spouse's support is essential. You can listen to him; if he cares about your career, he will tell you to go ahead.

       3. Take care of your health. That's very important. Taking care of others is fine, but self-health consideration is essential. This will save not only your marriage life but also this will keep your whole life. It is good when you have a baby too.
                                                       Some kind of woman handles both house and job. This sounds stressful. We never know what happens inside the body. Women will run run run until they succeed. But it's too wrong to be. You should take care of your health as well as your wealth.

      4. Spend time and be gentle with your spouse. This leads to maintaining consistent love between you both. Don't often discuss the future or baby planning, just speak, laugh, and make fun like friends. Think about how you make yourself with your friends, likewise be with your spouse too.
 All these keys will give you a result to be happy, healthy, and stress-free.

I hope you like it; please comment on your queries below.