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Overbearing Mother-In-Law

The topic "how to deal with overbearing mother-in-law?" is becoming an issue in each women's life. 

Is it a big deal? 


Overbearing Mother-In-Law
Overbearing Mother-In-Law
Overbearing Mother-In-Law

Yes, there is always a misunderstanding with a difficult Mother-In-Law. Why is it so???


A mother loves their children equally. Nevertheless, the mother of a daughter can accept that she won't be with her forever, but the mother of a son will not take that her son is being controlled by someone. This is the simple reason behind each women's and her mother-in-law's misunderstandings. 

                 But the truth is, the man is the pitiful guy in this game.

In some cases, arguments will end due to the in-laws' love for the man.

Men will find more peace to be in their life than women. That is nature. But, Women have the expectations level and insecurity more than men. So, sometimes if the expectations are not up to them: they lose patients. In this way, women are losing patients with the behavior of their mother-in-law. 

Ways to Deal with Mother-In-Law

1. Please Don't compare your mother with your mother-in-law. Your mom is yours. So don't compare her with others; there is no rule to think of your mother-in-law as your mother. Your job is to manage her. That's enough for life.

2. You can give her a proper response and respect. If this goes well, it can avoid some problems.

3. You must realize and accept that your mother-in-law is also a mother. She has some responsibilities for him. Let her do it!

4. Respect her. But, don't be under control. 


  1. First of all, she is elder, so handle her with kindness.
  2. You don't have to narrate things, maintain respect and talk less.
  3. If you have some good news like getting a job or winning a prize, you can share it with her. She will be happy.
  4. When you spend time with your mother daily, spend a little time with your mother-in-law. Like, call her at least once a week. It is to maintain the relationship. If you don't want you can regret it.
  5. When you see her, welcome her with a smile
  6. Listen to her when she talks about safety, awareness, money savings, kitchen tips, pooja room tips, and housekeeping tips.
  7. She is also human she may hurt you sometimes, but in that scenario, you maintain silence. Let your husband take care of it. If it keeps repeating, you can answer what your heart says.
  8. If you don't feel comfortable with her or having problems with her, tell her directly. But don't take it into your heart and complain to your husband.

            Apart from this, don't miss having fun with your mothers-in-Law. And have a little friendship to make yourself comfortable.

I hope you like it; please comment on your queries below.