Changes in Women's Marriage Life : Life Of Pudhu Ponnu

  What Changes happen in Women's Life after marriage?

Changes in Women's marriage Life
Changes in Women's Marriage Life 

There are lots of changes happening in Women's Life after marriage. It starts from dress codes to eating habits that will be drastically altered. It happens. But my question is, as women are getting married at 23–25, they will be adopted with 25 years of habits in the country where they were born.


Then, how can she make herself comfortable in a new home? 

Is it possible to know whom she will marry after she is born? 

Then what about the habits she built for 25 years? 

Why should she change everything she has adopted?

Why are the in-laws trying to change them?

I think about all these questions every day when I get married. But I didn't get an answer till now.

In my opinion, the answer is that we should not change, and nobody should change us. A person undergoes a change once they experience a bad or boring life. This kind of change will never affect anybody's life.    


Likewise, women can change their behaviors and habits according to their wishes. They have the right to do anything they want.

                                                                          To all my women,

If you like to wear kurtas, wear them. If you want to spend time with your loved ones, you can go out and see them. That's not wrong. 

If you don't like don't do it. If you like, do it

Don't expect your husband or mother to do everything you need. You are bold enough; you can face kinds of stuff.


                                  Life after marriage will teach you to be responsible. You should inspire youngsters and your children. You should stay with a good name and be filled with respect in society. You should think 100 times before deciding. These are the changes you can make. Besides this, live your life. If anyone tries to change you, hear it & listen to them, at last, the decision is yours.

Changing the things that are very close to the heart is like sacrificing your happiness and peace. Don't let your peace out! Let it stay forever!

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